What do you think of steven universe? And semi sorta hidden adgenda in the cartoon network show?

Ok I peranlly I didn't care for the show. At first glance. I thought I t was stuppued. but then I watched the show and it had me laughing. I got deeper into the show. To learn that they promote the gay lesbian and tranny life style and I'm like wtf.

Gardet a charger in the show is a fusion between aahpphrie and ruby. A couple of GEM character who are in love. They are woman character but the show say that they are genderless. Just in the shape of woman.

That's the shows BULL SHIT but what ever. All the GEMS in the show like each other but they say it because of power and personality why they want to fuse.

The way they fuse is by kissing or dancing very provocative.

Alright here's my problem I don't like when show hide or try to push there adgenda or beliefs on people.

The part I like of the show is the animation the weirdness of it. I like the plot like with gems fusing and stuff. Hell I like the lesbian plot. But I'm 22 I know better and my self. to a kid this would be confusing. Or go with the opposite of what a parent want to teach there child to be for religious reason or personal.

I feel offended that cartoon network would let this kinda of content out on a kids show. When naruto kissed sasuke they blacked out that screen.

Also steven the only boy of this show fused with this firk he likes. But they became a she-male. It looked like a man-lady
It flirted with boys and girls. Im like geez wtf.

I have no probelem with this show concept. but the sexual stuff is kinda to much.
I'm am homophobic to a extent. I don't like gay things. But k don't hate them if that make sense. Like will treat you with respect and interact with you. but I don't promote that lifestyle choice.

Also if this show was guy GEMS and they try to do that. I believe it would be pulled of air. Becuaee of the double standard. But today I realized I'm not ok with female gayness.

This is not a hate speech or anything. It's just how I feel. I undwersrand the difference between hate and not my presence in life. Everyone has a choice.


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  • Lol I love this show and what its doing. I would very much like to see a male gem. They are binary but eh they still are refered to as girls

    • Also had a mini panic attack when they got nicki minaj on the show and that estelle is on it. Omfg.

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    • Yeah i ll give you that with rock modern life. But or powerpuff girls for example.

      Is your character from Steven universe. I only started watching today. I kinda went over board with show lol.


      And yeah its Connie! Making a funny face. Steven Universe uses memes. Her face is a meme.

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  • I like it.

    • Yeah its good. I just don't like you push gay and lesbian thing without parents consent it should come with a viewer discretion advised. Like family guy for it adult humor or total drama island for it semi adult humor.

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  • I don't particularly like steven universe for its main plot. Honestly I think the show is not "deep" at all. It's an okay show, nothing spectacular.

    I don't mind the lesbian undertones.

    The lack of good storytelling is backed up by these lesbian innuendos, because since when do we see lesbians in a children's cartoon? Very rarely.

    • The show is deep. It teaching love and acceptance. And it show anluttle boy growing up with just one parent. But he get three older sister or mom figures who help guide him.

      It also shows love can be with anyone man or woman. I just don't like show like this thag don't tell u ahead time that this will be the base of the show. Because that is the story plot basically or 50% of it

    • I know what the show's about, It just doesn't resonate with me

  • I really like Steven Universe. At first I neglected to watch it because I thought Steven was annoying but then I grew on to it. My brother says I am like Sardonyx. :D


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  • Cartoon Network is chock full of satanic crap now (mostly adult swim, but even SpongeBob has satanic rituals in one of the episodes).