Is "White Asian" appropriate for saying you're from Russia?

When I think of Asian, I think of oriental nations like China and Japan but I'm not of those ethnicities. My mom's mom came from Russia. White people basically. I'm also Italian because my dads mom came from Italy. I live in America so I'm American by birth but, that's not what I'm asking.

Is "White Asian" the appripriate way of saying someone is from the northern part of Asia?

I'm also Welsh and Irish I believe. So I do have a little bit of the British Isles (another white area). So wouldn't this be called "White North Sea area" (includes the British isles)


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  • Asians have white skin. Just their eyes are different.

    So since your eyes don't look different than theirs. Your caucasian.

    • If you don't have any close relatives from different nationalities. Your just plain American.

      I have ancestors 5 generations ago on my mom side that are from Scotland. That doesn't mean i'm Scottish at all. Just that I had a family member 5 generations ago who was.

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  • Well it's hard to categorize them. If you ask someone from the western part of Russia, he'll probably say he's European and in eastern Russia they'll likely say Asian.
    Although both are equally likely to say neither.
    I personally consider them European due to their futures and skin color.


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  • No. The northern part of asia is known as the caucasus. It includes russia...
    If your ancestors are from that region, you are a Caucasian.

    • But I'm already white from my Italian and American roots. Why isn't Russia considered "White Asia"

    • White (Caucasian)

    • Because Europeans and people from the caucasus are said to have the same ancestors.
      That's why white people are caucasians.

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  • the derogatory word oriental has been soooo unpc for decades dude

  • No it's just White

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