What does a cover letter consist of?

okay so when trying to get jobs, I've only ever had to turn in applications... never a resume or cover letter. i know how to write a resume but no examples for a cover letter are helping me, i dont have real experience, I've only worked for my aunt so i dont have all these qualifications. (i told this to the manager and she said its okay, just write why i should be hired, but i still dont know exactly what to write besides that.)


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  • What's important to know is that you don't want to reiterate your résumé. Let the résumé give lots of details, but use the cover letter to express interest and make the case for yourself. Your résumé doesn't convey personality, but your cover letter is a chance for you to do that.

    Basically, you want to write 3 paragraphs in your cover letter / email:

    1. Greetings and Expression of Interest
    A. Greet the person and introduce yourself.
    B. Mention how you discovered the position you are applying for.
    C. State that you are interested and why you are interested.
    D. (Optional) State that you are about to explain (in the next paragraph), why you should be chosen.

    2. Make the Case for Yourself
    The objective in this paragraph is to echo what they are looking for and to show how you can satisfy those needs. How to do this can vary widely based on your background and their needs. Also, if you lack experience, show enthusiasm and willingness to learn or be flexible. What is important is that they want to "buy" a worker and you want to "sell" yourself as that worker they should "buy".

    3. Invite Further Contact
    A. Reiterate that you are a good fit, but also mention that more details of your background are on your enclosed / attached résumé which should make the case for you.
    B. Invite the reader to contact you if they have any questions or would like further contact. If there are specific hours or days that you should be contacted or cannot be contacted, mention that.
    C. State that you look forward to hearing from the reader (or the reader's company).

    [Your name]
    [Even though it should be on your résumé, put your contact information immediately below your name.]

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    Good luck!

    • hahah thank you, okay that helps a lot.

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    • You can mention a person who would be a reference. For instance, if I was to write a college entrance essay (which is like a cover letter), I might mention my high school physics teacher. However, do NOT give contact information of references on your cover letter or your résumé. Sometimes on résumés or cover letters is the phrase "References available upon request." Two reasons for this: 1) You want the company to contact you. By not giving references, if they are interested, they may contact you and request them. 2) You want to contact and give a "heads-up" to those people who would be your references because A) you should seek permission from your references to use them as a reference and B) to make sure and/or get their latest contact info. My advice is that you make a separate document of references which you can then send to potential employers.

    • As for the advice from the girl at the shop, just do what I describe. I've been doing this since long before you were born... The résumé is a mechanism for giving clean structured and ordered work history and education. The cover letter is used as the verbal equivalent of a commercial on TV. You want to get the reader interested in you, but don't waste their time with your life story. Cover letters which ramble like a chat room are cover letters that go in the trash. Look at all the G@G questions that ramble on for 2000 words! I see that and I click-off because my time is too valuable to read War and Peace. The same can be said about potential employers. Succinctly express interest, sell yourself, and invite contact. If interested, the reader then will peruse your résumé deliberately looking for specific information - like education or what your last job was or how long have you been unemployed. A good cover letter invites the reader to read the résumé and then contact you.

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  • Mention any clubs or teams you were a part of, mention how you work hard to complete goals for yourself, and for the benefit of others... etc

  • What is the job field or specific job?

    • either a cashier or floor sales associate at Lush, not a professional job or anything, simple.

    • Talk about your personal qualities, such as integrity, influences on your life, etc.
      Basically, the typical guidance is "we want a story, and the story is YOU!"

    • okay, thank you!

  • Try this link. It is a the go to site for almost anything nontechnical writing related.



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