Can you help me solve a disagreement?

So me and my nerd friend got into an argument over Apple/Android. I like Android because it's open source and my ability to do anything, and he likes Apple because it supports everything he needs. Help me proove a point here guys.

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  • I am a techie. Each has their own advantage. Android is open source and has far more apps. Apple is extremely well designed and total compatibility because they control both software and hardware. It is a matter of preference.

    One thing you can point out is that Apple is actually a Linux clone, just like Android. In short, both systems have the same Daddy.


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  • So android is open source. and? so what.

    • I can do anything to my phone very easily w/ open source. I like to have that option.

    • What can you do that you can't do on an iphone?

    • You have way more customization options than iOS such as the ability to add different launchers and have live wallpapers. You also have easy-to-access developer options so you can check how well your phone is running. Android is also very developer friendly and will let you download pretty much anything onto your phone. All of this is very handy for me.

What Girls Said 2

  • Android FTW! ^^

  • Android is for tech
    Iphone is for simplicity