Would it be a bad Idea to let my friend read one of my short stories?

So I work away from home and read quite a bit. I work at remote sites the wifi is quiet slow and I can only really read articles and stories from websites and don't stream. Since I miss playing PC games while i'm gone for weeks on end I started reading some fan fiction. Regarding Katarina and Garen from League of Legends, I actually always wanted to write and when I returned home I started typing away at a story, being about Katarina and Garen it's a romance adventure. I told a friend vaugely that I was writing and he keeps begging to read my work, he does the same thing I do work in remote sites and we both get a lot of reading done. But i'm kind of emberassed to see anyone besides strangers online read it. Should I let him take a look at it, even though its sort of mushy (not smut) or post it online and see how people like it before I let some one i know have a look at it?


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  • Just send it to him.
    Imply that you're new at this and it might not be up to par.
    He may like it more than you think so don't be too critical of yourself.


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