Is this a universal workplace phenomenon?

where I am from (Asia) , there is nowadays a common belief, especially on the internet, that,
"It is better to be good with people than be good at your job", meaning that, you can get ahead if you are not good at your job but is good at networking and having useful relationships, and it's pretty useless to be good at your job but not good at building beneficial relationships with the heirachy or others who can benefit you.

do people have this belief in other countries? especially those in the West?


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  • You could be the best architect ever, but if you're horrible to work with people aren't going to want you to join their firms or be at the head of their projects. You need to balance your job skills with your people skills since people are often part of a positive work environment.

    • they don't necessarily mean horrible to work with, they mean you have to be kind of an ass-kisser or put on a fake smile or the " I rub your back, you rub mine" mindset kind of people.

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    • LOL this is why you have difficulty with your coworkers. Good luck on improving :)

    • lol, I will let you off for now.

      Run Forest, Run!

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  • oh big time in America. Networking is a key part of many careers and fields especially in the creative fields.

  • My job is working with people, so I couldn't be good at my job without being good with people. That said, I think I am judged overwhelmingly by my own competence rather than my networking and I like it that way.


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