Do beautiful women ever tire of the attention?

Sometimes just want to hear someone say they're unattractive, but someone will love them anyways?

Being beautiful is a gift, and it shouldn't be used to flaunt around and say, 'poor little me.'

But sometimes I wonder if everyone has that fear that one day, they're going to age, and no one will love them.


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  • name me one beautiful woman

    • Penelope Cruz

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    • okay, i can see why some people like her, but what about her is beautiful, her looks? i don't understand

    • Yeah lol looks isn't that the question lol.

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  • I don't necessarily think "poor little me" but excessive male attention is annoying and can easily become a nuisance. I don't enjoy being gawked at or stared at hard like he's trying his best to develop x-ray vision and see through my clothes. It's rude and depending on the way he's acting, it can make me uncomfortable. I recognize that a majority of male attention in our modern day world is negative therefore not highly valuable or desirable so I don't really care to get excessive male attention. More male attention just means more wolves in sheep's clothing with a verrrrry convincing surface.

    I'm not worried about aging and not being loved because I know I'm going to grow old with someone very special who's not just sticking around for my looks :)


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  • Well, I for one, would never want to be told that I'm unattractive. Why would a beautiful girl say 'poor little me'? She may flaunt it around that she's beautiful, but what is she playing the victim for? I just don't get your statement "it shouldn't be used to flaunt around and say, 'poor little me.'"

    I don't fear that if I age someones not going to love me. If no one loved me before (even if I were pretty), then why should I hope and expect them to love me when I get older? :/

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