Growing up homeless, disabled and with no help: where should I be at my age by now?

I was homeless at 17, no job, no highschool diploma and no outside help at all. So far I've only managed to get my highschool diploma, a part-time minimum wage job and get into college. Although I still haven't even gotten my associates and I've been working on it for 3 years, I won't be finished till 2016.
Is this a crappy pace for piecing my life together or should I have gone a lot farther by the age of 24?

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  • I think your doing good & I'm sure u will keep striving to get where u want to be. I think your story is inspiring, coming from where u came from to where u are now. I think ur a very strong person & i congratulate u on working super hard to get where ur at, keep it up. :) Don't feel bad most people in their 20s are still trying to get what ur getting. Some get their associates, house or watever later in life & others get it sooner. Everyone has their own pace in life, some get it easier than others, some get things done sooner & others later, so just keep being strong and striving for more & u will get what u want, including that degree. :)


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  • Life's not a competition. Be thankful you have a job and the opportunity to go to college, there are people out there who don't (and may never) have that.


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  • You're doing great considering your background. Just keep chugging away. You are still plenty young enough to do all kind of things in your life. Lots of people get degrees in their late 20s, 30s, and even 50s. I was late 30s when I got mine, and there were several people older than me in that program.

    There is no such thing as where you are "supposed" to be. It's your own life, and you pick your own route, at your own pace. You are doing something for yourself. That's what matters.