Let's play a game?

Inutuition it's something we all have, Let's see if you can tap into it.
Okay So sometimes you get a visual image of what a person may look like based on what they say or write.

See If you can guess what i look like... based on your inutuition.

Use words to describe what comes to your mind first, ...

If you guess correctly , i'll award you mho


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  • Brown hair and eyes. Uh probably a Hispanic?

  • Green eyes, dark brown hair?

    • Close, Dark brown hair is correct...

      See if you can guess my weight and ethinicity too..

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    • Ok basically there's ways to deduce things, basically using the process of elimination.
      And Intuition.

      That was the first thing that came to mind, lucky guess

    • So.. All just a guess? LOL

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