Poll: Position in terms of Gaming ♠?

•Just wanted to see some numbers on what people are as gamers.
Poll: Position in terms of Gaming ♠?
•When I say this, the platform doesn't matter but not things like candy crush etc.
•Some games are not potentially neverending and can finish pretty quickly, so if you completed a game such as this then count it as 100-500 mark.(not if there can be mods in the game then they do not apply to this)
•Granted you may not have exact numbers so use how long you usually play in a day and how often you play to calculate an estimate.

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  • What's a game?
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  • Plays games ever so often.
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  • Has lots of games but under 50 hours in them all.
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  • Has 100-500 hours in a game or many games.
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  • Has 600-900 hours in a game or many games.
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  • Has 1000-1500 hours in a game or many games.
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  • Has 2000 plus hours in a game.
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  • I spent all four years of high school playing the sims 2 and it's still my fave game now so I'm going with G.


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  • When I was younger and played adventure single players like Bionicles: The Game, I remember that I played a lot of video games back then. My parents for whatever reason got mad (they get mad at me often for silly things) and limited my playing time on it, telling me to do something more productive. The restriction was to 4 hours a day, so before that limit I was playing about 10 hours a day. Then I got into music 4 years back so I stopped with video games quite a bit. Considering how much I played when I was younger, how many pokemon games I beat, and how many all nighters I used to pull leveling up in Borderlands, I'm going to guess F, 1000-1500 hours. I don't really play a ton anymore, but I used to be pretty hardcore gamer.


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  • Should I admit to this? :D

    At one time I estimated that I'd played Heroes of Might and Magic 3 for 10,000-12,000 hours. I started playing it in 1999 when it came out. I still play it sometimes.

    There are probably several games I've played over 500 hours.

  • I've been a pretty heavy gamer on and off since I was 12 (first gaming pc)... gods there are a few games I have sunk hundreds of hours into... Overall doing a little primitive maths I think I've probably spent in the region of 30,000 hours gaming... now I feel rather disgusted with myself.

  • I'm sure I have thousands of hours into a game or two.

  • I get games, play them, then release them into the wild to make little gamelettes of their own.

    I don't see the point in a huge library of games, since I stop playing most of them after a certain point.

  • I'm D on many many games for sure. Probably E or F for one or two games, but I'm not sure.

    • Then vote E or F, it's not about you majority but your highest,

    • I voted D because it's the one know for a fact. The other couple of games are just a guess.