Anyone else in love with Kai Parker? (TVD)?

Just curious about how many Kai addicts there are on here!
Do you read any fan fiction?
And do you have a tumblr?

by the way, I ship bonkai a bit but not as much as Kai x OC.

If you have tumblr and ship bonkai, bamon, kaimon, or just love Kai in general, I'd be happy to follow you and reblog your epic posts :D


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  • He was alright. I think he looked better with his small beard going on. Not my type of psycho from the TVD franchise. Not since NiKlaus my heart melted from NiKlaus. I thought Damon was great till he fell in love with helpless Elena and Stefan pretending to be stable was cool too, but that Klaus. Kai could've been high on the villain list but they kind of killed him off a bit quickly.

    • Oh yes, I love Klaus. I do wish they kept him longer, as well as keeping Kai longer. It's crazy though how much Kai's face shape changed mostly because of the facial hair and I think Chris Wood was working on bulking up a little bit for another role.

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