We made up after a huge fight but he still wants space.. what should I do?

We were seeing each other for almost 3 months, we got into a HUGE fight about 3 weeks ago but we made up and decided that to continue seeing each other. We were planning a date and then out of nowhere he decided to cancelled our date and ended things. He said that seeing each other again felt like a good idea as a way to make up for things but it might be too soon and it could lead to problems because there's too much going on for him and he can't commit/invest himself the way he should.

I understand he needs space and of course the only thing I can do is give it to himm but does this mean it's fair game for me to see other people?


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  • He needs space, guys process emotions much slower than women. They need time to make sense and logic of everything before they can move on.

    Women access emotions like a light switch, so give him some time to sort things out and unless discussed.. it's not time to go hump other people.

    "and ended things."
    - like breaking up?


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  • If you are serious about keeping a relationship with him then I wouldn't. Seeing how your so quick to jump on the next dude while he just wants some space to get his mind in order doesn't seem right even though technically your not together anymore.

  • How long between the fight and the make up

    • well the fight lasted a few days, so we made up within that time

    • but it's been weeks since we last fought

    • He slept with another girl mid fight would be my guess

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