Opinions on drill music (genre)?

Drill music kind of became more known in 2012, but not anymore.
Drill music originiated in the hood, any opinions of drill music?

In my opinion the best drill artist is Chief Keef, and I'm wondering if anyone else listens to him?


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  • Keef's music is ass. King Louie started drill. He been doing this shit. I like Reese better than Keef.


    No super saiyans in the hood just super savages.

    I fucks with G Hebro and little Bibby too.

    • Yeah I like King Louie but I prefer Keef over Reese

    • Heck no. Reese is way better. Reese just never puts out anything, but when he does it's fire.

    • G Herbo and Bibby the best out of the Chi though. Better than Louie, Keef, and Reese.

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  • I don't listen to him. Sorry.


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  • If THAT'S drill music, then drill music is utter shit.


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