Does anyone else get a weird pain/feeling in their mouth when they eat something they haven't ate in awhile?

I've always found this a little... weird about myself lol. When I eat something that I haven't had in awhile I get this weird pain.. well more light tightening in my cheek muscles... I just thought I'd ask if anyone else has ever experienced this.


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  • I get that when i change my toothpaste after a while

    • hmm.. interesting... its weird because its like oh hey I haven't had this in awhile... I should expect that pain lol.

    • May be the ticklish feeling is felt by you like a pain :)

    • like it rarely hurts, but its just a weird... feeling... I equate it to a pain because thats the closest word I can think of to describe it lol

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  • No, I haven't at all.


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