Why do people get off on hunting animals that shouldn't be hunted?

One of the arguments is the money is used for conservation. OK, how about instead of paying tons of money to kill a lion or an elephant, etc... you just DONATE that money for conversation? How come I can't figure out how to make a lot of money, but these people with black hearts who are greedy and have no empathy get to? Psh. Not right.


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  • I don't get how anyone can say killing large male lions helps their conservation. With lions, if you kill the dominant lion (which are typically the big ones the hunters aim for) then their cubs get murdered by the next male lion who comes along. So you aren't killing one lion, you're killing most of a pride of lions. And at the same time, you are weakening the genetic pool for lions by having the cubs of the strongest lions killed off and replaced by inferior lion cubs. There was 1.2 million lions in the 19th century. There are 20,000 today. I'd like to challenge a hunter to come here and explain to me how killing off entire lion families is conservation when the lion population is considered vulnerable and stands at less than 2% of its historical population. To anyone who has doubts as to how poor the argument of conservationist hunters truly is, I will point out that Cecil had to be lured out of the park to be hunted. Why didn't they hunt lions that live outside the park? If their hunting practices are so sustainable they shouldn't have a problem. Well its a simple truth that there are no lion populations outside the park that have lions that are up to standard. They are either too spread out, too scrawny or likely both. The good ones all got shot. Lets not try to justify this as something noble. These hunters are killing for glory, with no concern for the long term consequences of their actions. They don't give two shits if lions go extinct. It'd actually make their trophies more valuable.

    • I should also point out that the money they spent for the hunt will not go to protecting other lions. I'd like to post a quote from an article I read.

      "Jericho may not be able to hold their territory alone and could be chased away by rival lions. Unprotected, the lionesses and cubs would then be under threat and also move away or be killed. Safari operators who invested millions of dollars in the area would lose one of their biggest attractions for tourists.

      “They’re burning fire breaks. They’re grading roads. They’re pumping water,” Stapelkamp said. “They’re spending a lot of money in the management of lions and then someone just draws it across the railway lines having not paid a penny in its management and shoots it and runs away with its skin. It’s unacceptable.” "

      here's the article: www.seattletimes.com/.../

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  • You see that prick who killed the Lion?
    I say we should put him in a cage with a pride of Lions and let him get ripped apart. I would gladly pay for a front row seat for that. He won't be a 'man' then will he, the fucking coward. I how the Zimbabwe government have him stoned.

  • I don't hunt at all.