Are all the mexicans are taking up the basic jobs? How a college student supposed to support himself?

I have a part time job and I'm in college but I wanted to pick up a night job for a couple of months. and I got hired but there was too many Mexicans who didn't speak English. Also my superior hardly spoke English. I had to talk the gm who is White for answer on the jobs. On what to do. And I know I can't always go to him. I quit the job after a week. because I felt like I was just randomly walking around. It was a janitor job. The Mexican coworker couldn't talk with Me so I wasn't trained.

I'm like omg wtf. It was too frustrating now I have to take up Spanish. because that was crazy event in my life. And there way to many in California don't know English.

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  • If you quit that's not the Mexicans' problem. You got the job, and instead of doing your best and cleaning something you just left.

  • Learn English before learning Spanish.

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