Does anyone else feel like they didn't learn anything in University?

Honestly I'm not even kidding.

There's so much work, and maybe only 10% of people do all of the work expected, the other 70% just get by, and the 20% are in the middle they do work to a reasonable extent but they are far from 'mastering' course concepts.


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  • yeah, and it doesn't matter a lot of the things you learning college are going to be completely useless.
    take engineering, though i understand he concepts of physics and dealing with different materials, and heat and etc. i know that all this is going to be done on the computer, and they would NEVER allow anyone to do it by hand, and if they did, they would have to check it by computer.

    you can say that about a lot of courses.


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  • I agree, especially in a marketing class I took when half the questions on the test would center around, "in class on Thursday, what current event did I talk about"