Need movie halp. Which movie had this scene where this guy gouges out this fat dude's eyeball for an eyeball scanner?

But it's not Loki. It's an older movie. I wanna say Terminator, but Google isn't affirming.

Or confirming. Or answering my question in general.


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  • Yep, Terminator 1 1984... It came out before my time but man am I glad to have seen it.

    • No, it's not that scene actually. I remember it being like, another dude not Schwarzenegger but some other beefy bad guy. He like, uses a fork to take out the security guard?'s eyeball for an iris-scanner. I think. I'm pretty hazy on the actual details but I remember the scene was reddish.

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    • Ok, yeah the Terminator scene happened in a bathroom and Arnold was sorting cleaning out the scanner. I tried doing a quick google search cause this movie sounds interesting, but I got no where.

    • Thanks! Not just for the mho, but because I'm probably gonna check that out.

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  • The Avengers movie