Anyone know how to interpret dreams?

Don’t know how many of you guys are familiar with that Paul Walker movie Brick Mansions.

Anyways last night I had a dream that I was living in the same setting as that of the movie. You know, in some really ghetto post-apocalyptic projects. I remember in this dream I was in my kitchen eating something and soon I was hearing children throwing pebbles at my kitchen window almost every five minute. Minutes later I got annoyed and remember going up to the window, opening it and yelling at the kids "knock it off already!!!"

As I had my head out the window I looked around and remember not seeing any children in site. But all of the sudden I looked below and saw a little seven year old african-american girl smiling at me with joy and happiness as if she was looking at her favorite cartoon character or superhero coming to life. This little girl then flashes a rose at me. The rose was black, really similar to this one...

Anyone know how to interpret dreams?

this little girl then walks away with that same joy and happiness and then my alarm clock wakes me up in the real world.

Anyways this dream has really touched me emotionally and I haven’t been feeling quite the same person after having it. I really wish I can take this dream with me to my coffin when my time comes. I mean after all this dream was really magnificent even though the setting and the black rose in the end might have made it seem a little dark. but then again it also seemed pretty happy and optimistic as I don’t think there is nothing more beautiful in this world than seeing a child smile at you like you are a true meaningful hero to them

I also know that this dream has lots of symbolization and I was wondering if you any of you guys here are good at interpreting dream that can please maybe help me interpret this dream? I would really appreciate it


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  • 7th heaven. 7 is a number of completion and perfection.

    Window: portal to something else much like a mirror or door is
    Black girl. Night, darkness, absorbs light, charcoal, ashes, smoke
    Black roses almost always used at funerals.
    Pebbles are usually found near a river (River styx?)

    She was throwing pebbles at you from the other side (death?, underworld?), gave you a black rose (=invitation) and threw a pebble at you to get your attention.

    • ok no offense but you got me shitting bricks here

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    • haven't even finish college, started my career, started a family and many other things

    • Dude don't get ahead of yourself. Next time tell this entity to fuck off. Your soul is yours. Pray to Jesus or something.

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  • Rose:
    In a dream, a rose represents a noble person, a woman, a newborn son, or it could represent the homecoming of a long awaited traveler.

    Roses in a dream also signify praiseworthiness
    or enjoying a good reputation.

    The color black in a dream means prosperity and happiness. In a dream, everything black represents money, dominion and power and particularly for those who are used to wearing black. Otherwise, as for those who are not used to wearing black garments, wearing it in a dream means sorrow.

    A little girl in a dream represents prosperity, wealth after poverty
    and ease after a passing adversity.

    A little girl in a dream also means a new world.

    In a dream, noise means witnessing a social disorder, public outcry, participating in a religious festival or in an important public event that will involve the
    interest of all people.

    A window in a dream also means relief from difficulties, overcoming distress, renewing festivities and celebrating anniversaries.
    So who knows, on the good side, some person who
    makes/made you happy whom you haven't seen in a while
    could be returning to your life, before long.

    On the less good side, a person near you, could be in trouble
    or have his/her days counted, which will cause some form of big change in the world around you, and you'll be consoled, or otherwise guided through this, by some person, leading to a "new world".

    It could also have a much deeper meaning, which I can help you with
    since the way you described the sensation after waking up
    sounds closely similar to an "epic/great/cosmic/numinous dream"
    which can't truly be interpreted by other then yourself, since they're
    supposedly memories of a past life.

    I love these kinds of dreams. ^.^

    • thanx! it makes lots of sense.

      but i also see that you mentioned happy and prosperity a few times in the descriptions. i hope this is right since i am pretty much almost done with school then start my career. i am also planning on writing and few books and getting into art. coincidently i ordered a drawing table the other day and it should arrive by this Thursday coming up

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    • Ran out of letters sorry. ^.~

      Well, we were just there, we did nothing
      we just like, existed, together.

      When I woke up (for real this time)
      I had that deep ruse of nostalgia, like the
      world had been opened to me, like everything
      was clear, and obvious.

      And I had tears in my eyes, even though I
      rarely cry anymore.

      This was about 10ys ago now. ^.^

    • I remember after that, I went to great lengths
      to try and find this place, if it really existed
      I wanted to go there.

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  • I looked up stuff about dream interpretation and psychology a while back. The modern interpretations of dreams are mostly snippets of short-term and long-term memory and a way for your mind to play with different emotions and situations. It's sort of like how young lions pretend to fight and hunt. So the symbolism only counts as far as your own interpretation and how it made you feel.

    • i see i hope is true. cause after i woke up i actually felt like i was gonna become a big hero one day

  • Dreams reveal your deep cravings and fears or some uneventful experiences which your brain linked to older events.
    Don't look for more. The symbols are yours.

    • i pray this is true. cause my interpretation of this dream was that i'm gonna be a hero one day

  • To me it means death is near, but don't fear the reaper.

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