Was he trying to say I was lying?

The pizza guy delivered my pizza and he was like all, "yeah it's really weird because the buzzer wouldn't work with your name."

So I was like oh I see, and he wouldn't drop the subject, so I said, "you put in my name," and he was like all yeah I did, and I was like that's weird.

What the hell would I have to lie about my name being on the buzzer to the pizza guy?

Sometimes I don't get people at all.


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  • I hope this isn't keeping you awake at night.

    • No I'm just annoyed while I study away in something I have virtually NO interest in.

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    • Sometimes I feel like the more boring the subject, the more ironically useful it actually is in real life.

      Taxation=mad boring, but really important as without tax accountants/tax lawyers, the entire system of taxation wouldn't work.

    • You got that right!

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  • I used to work at a pizza place and they get a ton of prank calls.

    • No he knows me really well... and I've tipped him EXTREMELY well in the past... so this is ridiculous.

    • He was probably just being a dick then, just ignore it

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  • I am not sure why he thinks you are lying? Don't think about it too much though, or does it bother you really?

  • he is being a dick

    • Why? lol I actually don't get it, what difference does it make.

    • I got no clue.

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