What kinda tie should I buy?

i dont know much about fashion stuff. but i also wanna look just perfect!! i have a suit. and i wanna buy a tie for this.

but im not sure what material fits with a 21-year-old young man :). Silk, or cotton, or pollyester.

what material should i buy? (im 21)

come on!! i think there are many people working in a job and buy some ties for it. Tell me how to choose it :). i dont wanna wear things bad. a friend of mine told me the way i choose my clothes are tasteless.
why doesn't anyone answer me? :( dont you ever wear a tie?


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  • a cotton or silk black skinny tie. They match with absolutely ANYTHING

    • yeah i think of buying silk tie, but some people say that it's for old people, is it right? because im just 21.

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    • Thanks for helping :)

    • That's ok :)

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  • Just wear what looks good to you and what you like.

  • Buy a silk tie. As far as pattern and color it depends on your suit and shirt... There is far too little information to make a reasonable suggestion.

    • you can ask me whatever you want. i have a dark navy blue suit. i can but new shirts. but i alread have enough colors for shirt.

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    • Red tie white and blue stripes for the light blue solid. Navy blue tie with small white pokadots is ok with a solid light blue shirt or even a blue white striped shirt, but looks best in my opinion with a contrast color blue shirt/white color and a grey suit...

    • Thanks man!!

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