What is the nicest thing anyone has done for you?

whatever the person has done for you will either match equally to what a specific person did that was the nicest thing to me... Or it won't even come close

(There is a point to this)
We have a winner! (But please feel free to keep on sharing your 'nicest thing a person has done for you' moments)


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  • When I was in 7th grade, my class had to do a science fair project.

    So, I worked on mine earliar, and finished earliar too, so I would have more time to practice presenting.

    After a week or two of hard work, when the day of presentation arrived, I couldn't find my board.

    So, my best friend and some kids helped me work on a new one.

    It took extra three days but anyway.

    They were all really determined to make it complete for me.

    I am still grateful. ❤


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  • People have done many nice things to me but what tops all these things I would say is the fact that my girlfriend emigrated her home country and left behind everything (her family, her friends, her job opportunities in that country and of course her country itself (food, customs etc.)) to be with me and make it possible that we can stay together as a couple. I think that qualifies as an exceptionally nice thing to do to someone :-).

    • I admit that's a pretty nice thing... Not trying to be mean or anything but I can think of something better (but still! That was a good one! Best answer I got so far, but not THE best (one could say))

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    • I said it's LIKE saying you're special & what makes me important is I have a lot of skills & I like to be different from the crowed/not care what they think

    • Isn't that what everyone says though... that they want to be different from the crowd?

  • Dug me a hole and said get in , if you keep doing meth you'll end up in here anyways so let's speed it up, they were nice enough to leave a bag of meth too, I've been down here for 13 days it's really lonely at times I wish my dad never left me

  • Being there when I was sick

    • If this person came to you from the other side of the world just cuz u were sick... That would be REALLY something XD

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    • Know her for 12 years already now, she's awesome

    • Again, seems like a legit bond