Men and Women! How do YOU define 'Alpha and Beta' males?

Personally I hate these 'Alpha and Beta Males' because I think masculinity is subjective... Different for every person like our fingerprints

but I am interested in how you define them.

also don't hesitate on this.. You won't offend anyone everyones opinion is their own which makes it indvidually special and apprecated


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  • I don't typically associate a persons level of masculinity with the alpha and beta male thingy. In my eyes an Alpha male is usually assertive, confident and ambitious mixed in with other traits as well. While a Beta male isn't necessarily the opposite of an alpha male but they are different. Beta males are more compliant, less of leader and maybe less confrontational.


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  • Who knows.

    Like you, I feel this title to be
    nothing but human ignorance.

    We use it for animals, yet people claim
    them for themselves? Oh well..

    An alpha (human) to me, is a person who is who he/she is
    and doesn't let society have any say in however that is.

    Like, a person who can take on a leading role
    and guide other people, in a natural manner.

    Whereas a beta (human) would be the opposite..
    Let's society and people around them dictate how
    they act/has to look, and always just follows
    or in other words, can't stand up for themselves (no confidence).

    If alpha and beta among humans is truly a thing
    then I'm hereby classifying myself " the alpha and the omega". ^.~

  • I think it's pretty simple. A REAL alpha male CAN'T be defined.

    A real alpha is one who says he is one and has the guts to uphold that claim.

    So if a guy comes out in public with a pink skirt and a 'waifu' pillow in his hand and proclaims himself as alpha and that if anyone has a problem with that, let them come to him. And if no one does, he has made his point and is thus alpha. In short, real alpha men don't give a fuck and do what they want - even if the things they do are not "conventionally" alpha.

    And betas, I dunno. Betas give in to what others say or do.

  • It's bullshit, the people who call other people Beta's are just insecure douches who need to feel superior to others. Then there are people who say they are beta themselves and feel bad about it and thus feel inferior.
    In the end it's just a penis measuring contest, and it's ridiculous.

  • I'm going to clear this up using Science for you all.

    Alpha: The first guy she decides to fuck.

    Beta: The second guy she decides to fuck.

    If you watch nature documentaries this is how they use the phrase.

  • alpha's never go looking for trouble... but won't run from it, either.