IS it realistic to expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to come out in September?

The Note 3 came out in September, the note 4 came out in September but some places it was October.

I want the note 4 but i want to wait until the price is cheaper.

how soon after the note 5 comes out do you think the price will reduce?


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  • It's very realistic to expect that, the note 2 came out in September 2012, the note 3 came out in September 2013 and the note 4 came out in September 2014.

    • i want the note 4, but i want the note 5 to come out because the previous models usually reducei n price.

      do you know how long it usually takes for there to be a decrease in price?, i think there is a little reduction when it first comes out but i want the bigger reduction.

      i. e for the note 4 to be the price of the note 3 now

    • I got what you mean but I have no idea how long does it take for that tbh, I guess it depends on where you live.

  • Who cares the OnePlus Two comes out in August you don't need any other phone.

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