How do you feel about Bobbi Kristina's death?

Whitney Houston's daughter was found Jan 31 unresponsive in a tub full of water.
(Her death is still being investigated---her boyfriend Nick Gordon is a suspect in her death)
Originally she was kept on a medical ventilator in hopes of her condition improving,
then later on she was moved to a rehabiliation center.
With her condition still not improving she was put in hospice care (Sometime late June) until she passed away July 26, 2015.


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  • I think it's sad cause she seemed to need help and no one would help her

    • Its strange how her family is there for her when she's dying, but wasn't there for her when alive.

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    • No problem :)

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  • I could care less I cried today cause some foreign kid died from starving to death now that should be news.

  • Honestly I couldn't care less. There's a lot more thing more news worthy the her death. Girls her age die every day. I didn't care when her mom died. Let's move on

  • All these people are fucked up on drugs, if you can't handle your substances you don't deserve sympathy.


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