It's the morning after and I feel like a huge idiot. How can you get over drunk embarrassment?

Last night I got pretty drunk. Not falling over and stumbling around drunk but pretty freakin drunk. And I actually had a lot of fun. Until my boyfriend dragged me away and made me go home because I was embarrassing him in front of his friends.

My boyfriend told me I was being loud and I yelled at him infront of everybody and that his friends were making comments to him about how drunk I was.

I asked one of the girls I was around last night if I was really that bad and she said no.

I feel like I was the joke of the night and didn't even realize it. But everybody there was drunk too and I know all of them have been wayyyy worse than I was before. I feel like an idiot.


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  • Meh, we all have those nights. What probably happened was your boyfriend wasn't drinking or wasn't as drunk as you and was more easily embarrassed. If everyone is at generally the same level of drunkness then everything seems the same to everyone. Next time, make sure he is just as drunk as you and he will think it is also just as fun with no problems.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well if I were you I'd dump him. You were drunk I was salty. If he gets embarrassed by you the rein he's supposed to care for and support then what exactly is he offering you in the relationship?

    He's supposed tobuild I up not tear it down. He world is a cruel place to don't need cruelt in your personal life.

    He's a selfish coward imp. I'd dump him. But that's me I have no problem cutting people out of my life if I detriment they don't respect me. And or are weak.

    As for your night just accept you were drunk you acted drunk and it's over. Do what he should have done. Accept it have a chuckle give yourself an encouraging apt and move forward with your life.

    Also he dragged you? You're an adult not a piece of meat. He can't force you to leave. If you were not hurting anyone or doing anything illegal it wasn't his place. That's just completely unacceptable.

    For him to get hung up on it when it's over and doesn't even matter didn't hurt anyone and has nothing to do with anything going on now is just too cowardly for my taste. What would he do if there was a real problem. Plus he sounds like a party pooper. He should stay home next time.