Do you ever wish you could change good attribute (s) about yourself?

Like for instance I have a lot of good ones which I wish I could change. The reason why I wish I could change it because those are seen as weaknesses. I will just list like 10 attributes I wish I could change sometimes:

1. nice (not nearly as nice as I used to be I can be a bitch)
2. compassionate ( but I lack empathy though)
3. kind (not to bullies I don't stand for that shit)
4. caring (This is my top skill)
5. hypersensitive (This is a curse I swear)
6. nuturing (I attract crazy guys who try to take advantage me)
7. helpful (No one helps me out)
8. generous (I can build up resentment though)
9. good listener (Nobody lends a listening ear)
10. friendly (I am friendly yet I have no friends)

Bonus ones

11. trusting (Almost got me killed no word of a lie so I am paraniod because of it)
12. naive (I am at risk for getting into an abusive relationship or being an easy target to a predator)
13. quirky (unique in other words I hate being constantly excluded from any social group literally all the time for being different)

I know I said 10 but I always go over. The 3 extra personality traits are bonus. Don't use mine because everyone has a different personality. You can make a list of 5-10 if you want to do that. Those are just mine traits and I know most of them are good to have but in today's world I feel like they are a curse to be the ones that I mentioned. It is seen as a weakness.


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  • I would consider nearly all of those strengths rather than weaknesses. The people who call those traits weak are weak themselves. It's much easier to let negative emotions take control and be mean or unsympathetic to people when they do something wrong but it takes a great deal of strength to show kindness in the face of that, knowing that someone might take advantage of it. Which is why they call it being the bigger person.

    The only ones I would consider weaknesses are hypersensitivity and naivety. Being too sensitive can make you fly off the handle over trivial things or feel upset when you really shouldn't. And being naive can make all those other traits dangerous because you're more likely to make poor judgments. It's important to maintain a realistic awareness of what's going on around you and using a bit of foresight to make sure you're not leaving yourself open to a bad situation.

    So I don't think you should change most of those things about yourself, I think they make you a great person. I also wouldn't want to change any of those traits in myself.


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  • I don't know in what kind of place you live but I for one don't think these things are considered weaknesses. Where I come from, most of these things are considered big virtues (which not necessarily means that they are always helpful). You sound like somebody who is very bitter and resentful about life... .

    Myself personally, I am quite happy with how I am but I can be too nice to people. People have told me I even look like this kind, goody-goody person. This can be a problem because I make it easy for bad people to take advantage of my niceness. For example a few weeks ago I was ripped off by a scam artist (not on the internet, in real life). I don't think I was being naive because while all this was happening, I was thinking very hard about the possibility of this person lying to me and just making up stuff. But in the end, my empathy and compassion won over my skepticism and I spent money that I shouldn't have spent. It only became completely clear to me much later when I discussed this experience with friends that I shouldn't have been so nice. I think my problem is that I have a very strong trust in human nature. I tend to approach everyone with this idea that people are nice and honest and good etc., which is generally a good thing but it can also be dangerous because it's easy for people to abuse this way of thinking.

  • I don't think I would change anything, they're what make me, me. I think we have good attribute to counter our bad attributes. I don't see good attributes as weakness, I actually see them as the opposite. Being the guy I am, I don't see the attributes you listed as weakness they're very good attributes to me. Being bad or a an asshole is easy you shouldn't want to change there's enough mean asses all ready you seem to be a good person I'd stay that way. Just my two cents.

  • lol I have exactly the same set of good things about myself as you. Except I'm not hypersensitive. But I guess the only thing I'd like to change about myself is being shy - and I don't know if that's a good quality or not.


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  • I hate myself. I don't like the person I am. I want to be completely different.

  • I'm too nice sometimes. I find it difficult to say no to people and often suffer through things I don't want to do just because I can't say no.