Caitlyn Jenner - Has she advanced or curtailed understanding of Transgenderism?

Just saw a trailer for her show ( disclaimer I 100% support transgenderism ) - I am asking myself is it the diary of a brave new world for a transformed woman or a publicity seeker who cheapens the struggle that many transgender people have to go through?

  • A brave woman using her profile to help others
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  • An publicity seeker doing more damage than good for the cause of understanding Transgenderism
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  • I think it all depends on how her show works. If she gets other trans speakers on and communicates with them about their transition and what they experienced and what struggles they've faced since, and she makes it clear that young trans people aren't alone, then I think it will be really good. If it just takes on the reality show aspect of keeping up with the Kardashians, then it's just money-grabbing.


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  • 5 minutes of fame just like everything else these people do, it will fade away into time and after Bruce is dead decades from know no one will remember him, same as any of us.


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  • She's an attention seeker, nothing more nothing less. She has no special talents or qualities so she's going to rip off her way to fame, just like big sis Kum.

    • Whoops thought you meant Kylie. But yes, Caitlyn is selling out for money since her ex wife left her bank account dry.

    • Thanks for input - Not a fan of the Kardasian/Jenner clan I see.

    • They're just overrated especially in LA. I don't get how their TV show has lasted so long, I think it's garbage.

  • If her name hadn't been Bruce Jenner this wouldn't even have made the back page of the National Enquirer.


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