Why do people keep asking this?

i keep seeing "why did God create jerks?" " why did he creat bastard children? " "why did he create war/(insert w/e disaster we have these days)" ... etc and so on

are people serious by those?
God created humans... and everyone has free choice to be nice or to be a jerk, to be responsible and not let your child be a "bastard child", to be peacfeful or fight... etc

or am i misunderstanding the questions?

p. s: im not attacking anyone or their beliefs, if you dont believe in God you dont have to answer at all, im just trying to get this straight
and im not christian, please dont quote stuff from the bible because i wouldn't be able to explain/understand it probably


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  • It's in the bible somewhere I can't remember but it said mankind isn't meant to know everything

    • well yea of course we can't know everything

      but im talking about the fact that people kinda blame their choices on God and say that he created jerks or w/e

    • These are probably the same people that can't ever admit they're wrong when they are

    • haha probably xD

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