Is it ok to wish a guy who's mad at you Happy Birthday?

It's a story. But he told me to "Fuck off" a few days ago. Today's his birthday. I'm not mad at him. Is it ok to text him Happy Birthday? If it is, should I add a message with it?


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  • I think it depends on if it's something he said in a moment of temporary anger, or if it's something more serious. A few days ago is not very long. I'm not sure of the best thing, especially without knowing more. I have mixed feelings on this.

    I think it won't hurt anything to tell him happy birthday. And maybe that will help patch things up. If he really is pissed long term, it won't really matter one way or the other. I don't think wishing happy birthday is clingy or anything like that. Maybe just do it and see how he reacts. Then it's his move.

    • If he responds negatively, should I ignore it. I don't want to upset him more. The reason he's mad is hard to explain. I understand where he's coming from, but I do think he overreacted by telling me what he did before. So maybe he's calmed down.

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    • From what you are saying it sounds like you have a good reason to be skeptical. There is no way for me to know his intentions. I can only guess, but not with high confidence. I would guess one of two things. The first seeming more likely.

      1) He really is only after sex.
      2) He really does want something more, but he's placing too much weight on sex and pushing too hard.

      The first one should be self-explanatory. The second one comes up all the time with girls, and maybe you already understand it. You always hear girls say, "He only wants sex". Guys almost ALWAYS want sex. So it's a question of whether it's the only thing he wants. I think it's common for girls to not see the difference between "always wanting sex", and "only wanting sex".

    • With this guy it's hard to tell. For sure he's pushing too hard too fast. I don't know if it's the only thing he wants, but I think it's likely. I also think pushing for sex isn't going to stop. I suspect if you continue with a relationship, you'll be getting this non-stop.

      "So he responded to my happy birthday. and then wanted sexual pics"

      This just makes me shake my head. This is a generational thing. I hate this trend of guys wanting (and girls giving) nude pics. Unfortunately there are WAY too many girls who do it. Enough that too many guys expect it. If this was my generation and I read this statement, I'd immediately say to walk away from this guy. If nothing else, asking for nudes when you wish him happy birthday is just rude, and crude, and shows no class at all.

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  • just do a generic 'Happy birthday! x'


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  • If you really do wish him to have a happy birthday then go ahead and say/write it.

    • I do want him to. I have no negative feelings towards him

  • I wouldn't. He probably wants you to leave him alone with a phrase like that, some of it depends on the circumstances though.

  • Yes but just happy birthday


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