Girls, Is it bad to let my girlfriend control our relationship?

I let my girlfriend do whatever she wants, when she wants, and I let her have control of our relationship. She wants things her way, and I make her happy by doing what she wants. My friends joke about it, and my family doesn't like her cause of it, but her happiness comes first, not theirs. Would you agree that this is what's best if it keeps us happy and if it prevents arguments?


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  • You're being a sissy and wearing the skirt (in harsh words).
    It's great to make your girlfriend happy but if you're in a relationship where you have no voice then this isn't healthy.

    What about your happiness?
    A relationship takes two.

    There needs to be a healthy compromise some of the times.
    Your feelings matter just as much as hers

    You shouldn't silence yourself , have no opinion, or voice just to live happy.
    That's not living happy in my opinion.
    That's living mute.

    • Well i moved into her house, so she told me she wanted to control things her way, and I was fine with it and agreed. I dont think im being a sissy, i am respecting her, and cooperating with her to make her happy, and prevent arguments. I am happy doing things her way, cause it just keeps everything easy and happy. I know she loves me, and l have a voice, i am just afraid to piss her off. Her way is better to me than fighting. She appriciates getting things her way, and it keeps us both happy. I am called sissy and weak and push over and anything else by friends... but that is not true at all. Relationships are about working together, right? Well we work together and it works. Sorry... not trying to argue... Friends and family just say the same thing...

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    • Thank you for your opinions 😊

    • Still a sissy boy with no balls...

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  • It depends what kind of person she is and not living with her I would not know. I think my cousin's husband made a horrible mistake marrying my cousin cause my cousin is a pathological liar and is only using him for his money. She is also completely honest and transparent about the fact that she doesn't give a crap about him and is just using him.

    • We do live together, i moved into her house, so she had me agree to let her control everything, which i am fine with. I don't know what she would want to use me for, i dont have much. I let her do what she wants or id prolly have to sleep in my car for pissing her off and causing a fight. I don't think she ever lies, she is a loving loyal girl to me when we get along. So do you consider this a bad, or good thing to let her do? It does keep everything perfect when things are done her way...

    • I can't tell you what to do with your relationship but just because she is giving you money does not mean you are not serving her emotional and domestic desires / needs in other ways.

  • What about your happiness?

    • She gives me my happiness

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    • I'm wondering if this arrangement makes you happy too, not just her.

    • She loves the arrangement, and as long as i follow it, we get along perfectly and that makes me happy. If i don't follow her arrangement then we fight and she yells and gets pissed and everything just goes to shit, and that doesn't make me happy. So overall, yeah, it makes me happy.

  • Whatever floats your boat
    But I wouldn't want a controlling guy at all!!!

    • So lets say you were my girlfriend, and i let you do things whatever way you wanted, and it kept things good between us, would that be a guy you would want?

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    • If my girlfriend wanted me to have a back bone, then i prolly could have one, but she wants control of things cause of anxiety issues or something. A guy in control of everything just sounds like a terrible idea overall, guys take control to another level and treat a girl like garbage, or physically abuse them. But my girl shows me love and passion, so it works ☺️

    • thats really nice to hear and its understandable im glad that works for you