How do you view calling someone or being called 'cute'?

(FOR GUYS) Think of some of the people you have called cute. What were you thinking when you told them that? How often do you use the word 'cute' specifically?

(FOR GIRLS) Think of a time when you were called cute by someone. How did you react? Would you rather be called something else?

This is juts a question to see other people's perspectives. Personally I don't usually like being considered 'cute' by others. Cute is a word that you would use to dsecribe animals and children, of which I am neither. ... Even though admittedly my inner child is still going strong. Whenever someone tells me they consider me to be cute I always feel like they are putting me beneath them or others; like they don't or wouldn't respect me or my opinion as much as they would a non-cute person. (even though I know this not to be true) Or they just see me as this harmless, little innocent, naive girl, which in most respects I am laughably not.

I've heard a couple of my friends say they consider me to be cute (girl and guy friends) and I always felt like they were seeing me as a little sister that needed someone to watch over her and her antics whenever they said it...

Also I fucking love poll questions so here's another one.

  • I would potentially date them. / I like being called cute.
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  • I would probably see them more as a friend or little sister. / I don't like being called cute.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I'll admit that being called "cute" by girls I've been interested in has always been sort of a wild card for me. I couldn't tell which connotation of "cute" they meant, so I ended up on GAG looking for an answer and was still stuck.

    When it's the other way around, the connotation of the word "cute" depends on the girl the guy is talking about. In my experience, I've called girls "cute" that I would prefer to date than have a one-night stand with. I've never called a girl "cute" unless I actually thought she was cute.

    I guess that's where your dilemma lies --- when a guy calls you "cute," do they mean it in a condescending way or as a compliment? And what kind of compliment is it? All-in-all, I think that being called "cute" is never a bad thing unless it's used in a "You're cute, but I'm not interested" context.

    But yeah, to sum it up being called "cute" is annoying if you fixate on what the person means when they call you cute. I just go with it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Rarely do I ever get called cute but more so,
    "Hot", "sexy", "pretty", or "beautiful".
    Even if I were called cute it's a compliment.
    I wouldn't find insult in someone being nice and genuine towards me.
    Usually someone is viewed in more than one way depending on the way they dress.
    Maybe one day I look cute and the other day sexy because I'm wearing something more form fitting or revealing.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I like calling girls I find attractive cute, and she did the same.

  • I have been called cute a lot of times. I have a friend of mine she told me that cute is a degree of attractiveness somewhere located in the middle, which means that you look good but not so handsome. I feel inferior when they call me that.


What Girls Said 2

  • I don't mind being called cute at all and I don't think it's a word to only describe children or other animals.
    I like being called cute and I call others cute too if I think they're cute.
    I think it's silly to assume that people are putting you beneath them just because of that, but alright.

  • I've had boyfriends that call me cute and that's okay.. because mostly I like being called cute because I'm a Little in the ddlg community. Other times though I'm like nononon! I'm an adult! Take me seriously please! Then I curse my genetics for making my face kinda childish