Just got into a major dispute with my best friend. Can you provide some perspective?

So essentially my friend sold me something of menial value. A few hours later he called and decided he wanted it back. Me just having bought the item (who's value is less than 150) Simply wanted to keep it because it's something difficult to come by. So later that night he shows up outside of my house threating to break things and armed with a tazer. And so not wanting to call the cops and recognizing how petty it is to argue over a material object I simply was compelled to return for what it cost. At which point a physical altercation ensued and I was tazed and robbed of said item. At this point the friendship was over. Now I'm left wondering how I ever became friends with a psychopath.

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  • You really should've called the cops.. sounds like he needs help


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  • Wow, what's insane is the idea that this is your "best friends" really? Though my "best friend" is more like my enemy most the time aswell, this is ridiculous how high this escalated. He tazed you and threatened you over an item that he sold but then realized it was of value. Perhaps if you say what it is, you can shed some more light in things cause that's a pretty insane way he handled this. What is this item, has to be the cause for him to go that far?

    • It was a vape. An empty vape. Dispute had nothing to do with drugs. Cause wow that would be even more ridiculous. But yea I occasionally light up maybe once a month and I was leaving town and he was looking to get rid of it so I bought it off of him. But to think such a simple item could result in catastrophe is unimaginable. He says he is sorry but I don't think I can handle being around someone so mentally unstable.

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    • Yea. It's tough but sometimes you have to let people go and I think this might be one of those times. I could tell he was bringing me down mentally for a while too. I think I needed to do this before I left anyways. But it seems ironic how your closest friends often become your most bitter enemies.

    • Seriously, feels like my best friend is my mortal enemy these days, against me! I feel like I'm in the same boat you are. Different sitch tho, but my best friend is bringing me down to. And I'm feeling like its time to part ways (which is not easy). But goodluck to you in whatever you decide sir.