How can any intelligent person be a young earth creationist?

First of all I dont care if you're offended by this. Seriously leave now if you're just an oversensitive idiot. If you can't deal with some lively discussion then you're a pathetic fool. I like arguments so deal with it.

Anyways, I can't stand people who are young earth creationists. You people are some of the most ignorant unscientific trolls to walk the earth.

Some of the fields you inherently reject, along with their many experts and geniuses, include astronomy, geology, biology, evolution and medicine, ice core analysis, nuclear physics, etc. And that's just for starters. All of these fields point to an earth that is 4.5 billion years old. And yet instead of trusting these fields that have been developing for hundreds of years and have had many geniuses , these people would rather believe in the literal interpretation of an ancient book written by bronze and iron age peasants and sheep herders. These people claim to be able to magically know that their particular interpretation is correct in spite of the possibility of metaphorical stories and in spite of all science.

I can safely say that these people bring down the average intelligence of the world, particularly in the United states. It's a literal reflection of idocracy. It's completely absurd that these people could believe something so wrong.

Furthermore these people then hypocritical use things like the internet and Iphones whose existence required the same scientific method used to show that the earth is 4.5 billion years old. Then these people try to change the school curriculum to adapt to their retarded beliefs. If only a small group of people believed this nonsense and kept it to themselves it would be no problem I wouldn't say anything but it's everywhere and it's trying to shove it's beliefs down the throats of children even though children have already had to deal with more than enough disgusting catholic priest things shoved down their throats already. gtfo ye creationists.


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  • when you explain to me through your "chemistry" and "standard science" the alchemic trasmutation ofmercury when submersed with traces of magnesium. when you explain to me the abundance of elements with very limited and short lived prime elements. and when you explain to me how they dated tools like hammers to be millions of years old, and how fossils can be shaped actually in a few decades and not millions of years. i'll then explain to you who is the most religious guy here, and who shallows more whatever he is being spoonfed... .

    • The irony is that you use computers, you use the internet, you probably take medicine, you probably drive a car, you probably have taken a plane, you probably have a phone, you probably have electricity. So spare me this nonsense about your rejection of standard science. You do realize the irony of using the internet to question science right? This magnesium transmutation nonsense, if it actually is a thing, is actually just a chemical reaction always. Please stop taking advantage of science if you're going to reject it in favor of things which have absolutely not concrete results.

      Furthermore who is they? They dated tools to be millions of years old? I mean citing one thing that was wrong in science in the past does not disprove science whatsoever. Science aims to refine itself and prove itself wrong--its called learning.

    • And fossils being shaped in decades? Perhaps some fossils under certain conditions, but surely you're not going to say that layers of dirt, which take millions of years to form, also occur in decades. Also it is known that fossilization does take a long period of time. But if the earth is 6000 years old you have to explain things like why our ancestors including the neanderthals no longer exist, why our DNA has strains of neanderthal DNA in it, why ice core samples show hundreds of millions of years of atomospheric change, why galaxies are billions of light years away and nearly the beginning of time can be seen with a powerful enough telescope, why the cosmic microwave background is fake, why the physics regarding radioactive dating is false, why there are multiple extinction level craters all around the planet, and about a million other things. You're super ignorant since you're unaware of all this.

    • Oh, also how about Pangea and the fact that south America fits perfectly into West africa? How about the gradual rise of mount everest as well as the gradual sinking of the mariana trench? Also how about the vast number of species that couldn't have possibly been stored on noah's ark, as well as the number of insects and bacteria which would have surely perished. Please you have so much explaining to do. And yes, you're the religious person ehre.

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  • Interesting question. I think the answer is that intelligence and education are not the same thing. One must be educated--well--to develop a relatively sophisticated understanding of science.

    The world is full of brilliant people who aren't educated, and educated people who lack and perceptible intelligence. :) And though reluctant to commit myself to the former, I'm open to the idea that I may fit in the latter group.

    • Rather how can any intelligent or educated person be a young earth creationist? Actually how can an average person even believe in young earth creationism lol?

    • Well an educated person (in the sciences) would have to be willfully disregarding aspects of science in order to be a young-Earth creationist. The same cannot be said for those who choose to "believe in" intelligent design, but that's a different matter.

      An intelligent person, on the other hand, could simply be ignorant of the science and more inclined to believe influential figures who themselves are either ignorant or manipulative. :)

  • What do you mean? How else was the earth created?

    • obviously through the process of solar system formations that occured because of an ancient supernivs which produced a nebula. this process is observed by astronomers in other solar systems

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    • I believe the solar system exists but how can you prove it doesn't...
      I believe that the earth came into existence as a result of a protostar which was a result of the big bang.

    • How can I prove it doesn't exist? What are you talking about? Why would I do that?

      How does your position support intelligent design? What do you disagree with?

  • Intelligence has nothing at all to do with emotional balance. Indeed intelligence is more like a tool and emotion is the person that wields it. I could see a highly emotional person who was emotionally invested in any nonsensical idea using every iota of his intelligence to defend it.

    This is the norm, you see emotion trump intelligence in almost everyone if you look for it.

    • It has everything to do with it. AN intelligent person could not reject all of astronomy, nuclear physics, geology, genetics, and pretty much all of science in general. I mean science produces concrete results, so clearly the scientific method is extremely reliable, which means that science is the likely explanation especially since it makes predictions. This is just obvious logic. Stupid people would believe in their literal interpretation of an ancient book rather than obvious logic.

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    • I would define intelligence more basically as the ability to reason accurately from evidence as well as deductions and other forms of logic. Taking an IQ test for instance tests a person's ability to reason

      " I'm telling you a person can do very well on such a test and still believe in nonsense."
      i don't disagree that a person can be intelligent and be an young earth creationism. I never would have posted this question if I thought people never did this. In fact my question relies on the fact that intelligent people have beliefs like YEA as a fundamental axiom. The question is how can an intelligent person could believe this, not whether intelligent people actually could. So you're telling me what I already know.

      Simply stated, there is no way you could reason and use logic based on the evidence of reality to justify young earth creationism. Furthermore I think there are plenty of emotionally stable, intelligent people who do hold these beliefs--look at religion for instance.

    • Again, stability and balance are different concepts. A person with an overwhelming desire to believe something can be quite stable (their emotional state does not change) but they are not balanced (they lack any check or counter weight to their emotional impulse).