Why dont we ditch obamacare and get a single payer system like france?

Everyone pays into it and everyone will be able to use it. No more bankrupcies, no more death because a doctor couldnt see you, it would allow everyone to get coverage. It works great for euorpe, why dont we do it.


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  • It's because people are stupid and want to insist that a private system is better even though it's killing people. I watched a 60 Minutes tonight a girl had to leave in patient treatment too soon and she killed herself because the insurance wouldn't pay anymore.

    It doesn't matter if you have insurance or not if you still can't pay the premiums or get the medication or care you need.

    • I feel like most people are too ignorant to vote. I mean honestly, its way better yet we got obamacare. Like really, we went from bad to just ok. We have the biggest economy in the world, we can afford to get it.

    • The real question should be how can we afford not to? How much are we losing each year, month, week, day, moment to poor health? Mental and physical.

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  • I strongly suspect the whole history of medical regulation in the USA, culminating in Obamacare has been at least partly designed to fail so the only reasonable solution will appear to be socialized medicine. You design a crappy program and when it fails you argue it only failed because it didn't go far enough so you expand it in an equally crappy way and repeat until you have a government run program and you can never go back. Then when it gradually ossifies and loses efficiency like all giant bureaucracies, there will be nothing you can do about it, It will be too big to reform.

    • Omg yes! Marry me.

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    • Actually they came up with what i thought was a great idea back when they were letting the states each come up with their own experimental plans. I think it was Oregon. They had a panel of experts decide on 1,000 procedures which were the most cost effective, mostly it was preventive medicine. These were paid for completely by the state. Anything beyond that had to be paid for privately.
      It went down in flames because both sides found something to hate about it.
      The thing is we could give everybody in the USA 1980 level medicine for a pittance and since 1980 the life expectancy has increased about six months. What's killing the American system, aside from all the political regulation and parasites is advanced medical treatments which don't have much effect but cost astronomical sums. Countries with socialized medicine just don't do those things. For the level of care provided they are no more efficient, probably less.

    • Check out the links above, espeially the 2nd one.

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  • "Obamacare" came about because the powers behind it recognized the need for a single payer system. One which would provide care and medication at an overall lower cost and be more effective medically. But the powers that are always for more profit for the rich would not allow it. So Obamacare was the best the administration could push through, and the "money first, people last" side has been trying to tear it down ever since.

  • No more deaths because the doctor couldn't see you? Haha.