Do you think a grown woman or teen girl sexually abusing a boy as young as 5 years old, is ever okay?

I wonder since I've once discussed about an issue here on GAG where a female babysitter was caught molesting a 5 year old boy and then the mother got angry and struck her in the face. I was asking at the GAGer's thoughts on this and then some troll male GAG user was say that it's "okay" for a woman to molest a little boy as young as 5 years old if she was attractive. Like seriously? That's WAY too fucking young for a male to be sexually active and I seriously doubt any parent (especially mothers) would approve of that.

I sure as hell hope that troll doesn't make up the majority of men.

  • Yes. Males are genetically engineered to love sex with any woman and be addicted to it no matter how old they are.
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  • Hell No. That's still a child regardless of gender and only a pathetically retarded sick pervert would ever think this is okay.
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What Girls Said 1

  • It's never okay for anyone to violate anyone else, regardless of gender.

    But ESPECIALLY not a kid. That's so beyond wrong, no matter who it is.

    • And I can't believe that male troll that I encountered on GAG had the nerve to say that it's okay for a woman to sexually abuse a 5 year old boy if she was attractive, most likely because of gender.

    • You can link a mod or admin to posts like that for sure OP. You can even flag them yourself and get the admin's attention.

What Guys Said 1

  • Gender doesn't matter. That's vile and disgusting. Only scum would do that. On another note though, the notion that men are more sexual than women is utter bullshit. Women are just as sexual as men are.

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