Does anyone watch Red Band Society on FOX? Even if you don't, can you look at my question?

So, the Red Band Society is basically about a bunch of kids that live in a hospital due to various health reasons such as cancer, eating disorders, cystic phybrosis and coma's. It shows how all of them deal with their problems in different ways, but how they all stick together even when times get tough. Even if you don't care to watch the show at least sign the petition. This is one of the best shows I have ever seen and FOX decided to not renew it for a second season, but FOX is stupid and needs to bring it back!

Petition link:

More information on the show...

I usually don't do these types of things, but this show is just so good and I really want it back on air. Please help me out. It would help a lot of other people too.


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  • I mean but it was so depressing. It was already in competition with Grey's and Chasing Life.

    • It's not depressing. It's uplifting. It's life. It has really helped me out. I have an eating disorder that is close to fitting the criteria for anorexia nervosa and Emma's character has made me feel less alone in my struggles. It's better than a lot of shows on television and more people should see it. Why? Because it raises awareness to these diseases and how it doesn't define who we are and it's not something we should be pitied for. It makes people understand our struggles better. Many don't know enough about mental health issues and this show is a great way to raise awareness. Please sign the petition!

    • Well I'm glad you found it to be uplifting. I can't say I felt the same way though. There's some shows that the main focus is mental health. Some cartoons even have episodes dedicated but it's done in covert ways like Winnie The Pooh: every one of Christopher Robbin's toys are neurotic. Other shows maybe understandly a little too gritty and real for regular programming. Even though Red Band tried to have its light-heartedness I was still a little depressed about it.

    • I know there are some shows that focus on mental health, but in general this just focused on kids with health issues in general and though it made me cry a lot, it just showed how moving the show was. It has great writers. I'm already depressed so it doesn't really affect me that much. I know that they have Winnie the Pooh, but kids don't understand. I didn't even know that they were represented as different mental health illnesses until I was way older. This show was different. I can't explain it, but it was different and a good different. I just really want it back on air and I know there are so many fans out there that want it too and it would be so helpful if others (even if they don't care for it) would help bring it back.

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  • Never heard of it.

    • It's such a great show and has helped me out so much. You should definitely give it a look. I'm sure it's not for everyone, but it's a good show nonetheless. At least sign the petition. It needs like 12,301 more signatures. I know it's a lot, but every signature helps. :)