Stephen Harper has asked to dissolve Parliament in Canada?

Does this mean parlament will stop its existing?
Is parliment the same as congress of the senate in the USA?


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  • A parliament in a parliamentary system is the national legislative. So yes, it is like the congress (both chambers) in the USA.
    And no, dissolving a parliament doesn't mean the country turns into a dictatorship or something like that :-). A prime minister (or in some countries such as Germany it's the president) can dissolve a parliament for a variety of reasons. For example he feels that there's no point anymore because the different parties can't find a compromise/solution to a problem that has been discussed for months. Another reason can be that the ruling party does not want to stay in power anymore and asks the prime minister/president to dissolve the parliament. There are more reasons like that.
    When a parliament is being dissolved, new elections are usually scheduled. So this means that the country can have a fresh vote and the hope is that the people will express a very clear opinion (so that one party gets very strong). Sometimes this works and one party ends up governing with a stable majority of the vote but sometimes this attempt also fails and the parliament ends up just as fractioned as it was before (or even more so).


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  • No, it just means that he has called an election.