Anyone else have this Problem?

I always feel like I need to feel ashamed by my family because of my bad life choices. I'm tired of them it makes me angry and I over think and can't sleep at night. I do very many good things for everybody I'm a nice person in general I'm no drama queen or stuff like that. I wish my family wouldn't be so mean and judgmental over me sometimes and be understanding at times instead. when I confront them about being a certain way I don't feel is right (by how they treat me) they will just say there not or the won't care. I know what bad things I do and how it's bad and what could happen to me blah blah how I'm not a good Christian, they just pisses me off. Christian is about being loving, I am, and try to be more like God but I'm also a sinner lol and I'm not perfect I'm just tired of them coming at me with bull. I appreciate them being my parents and raising me but sometimes they feel like big bullies. I feel like I can't reach up to there good standards. I don't think I mess up as much as I do good though. I feel I've been mistreated and can't fix it, it bugs me all the time!


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  • do u still live wid 'em? if that's so u can always move-out actually since u've turned 18 now.

    anyway wot can u do for now's tellin 'em to stop treatin u like this since u r mature enough to know wot u r doing without havin anybody judgin u.

    do u have any sibs btw? if yes do they treat 'em in a similar way like u?


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