Why are some people so mean to each other online?

What happened to being nice to people? Do you wonder where humanity has gone?


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  • Humanity hasn't gone anywhere, don't worry :-). The problem with the internet is that people enjoy being completely anonymous. I mean... look at yourself haha! You're already anonymous on this website, why would you go double-anonymous?
    Now, while being anonymous can be fun, it can also become a big problem because people lose their good judgements for what's okay and what isn't. It's just a basic human characteristic: if people feel that they are not being watched or if they feel that a bad action won't have any consequences, they will do it. This has nothing to do with humanity having lost its morals or something like that. It's an innate thing in us that has been around for thousands of years. There's a number of studies in psychology that have been able to prove this. A similar situation is the act of giving up responsibility. This can be observed in many dictatorships for example. After world war two, psychologists such as Stanley Milgram found out that a big reason why the men of the SS were capable of committing such horrendous crimes was that they didn't feel responsible for those crimes. They simply kept telling themselves that they were only acting out commands and stopped thinking about the ethical troubles behind those commands. This could and can be observed in world history time and again, for example when American GIs tortured innocent Iraquis in Abu Ghraib.
    Anonymity is very bad for the human ethical compass. It makes people forget that they are interacting with actual, fellow human beings.
    But we should also acknowledge that compared to other sites on the web, I find GaG quite a social community. Sure, there are a couple of idiots everywhere but it's much better here than on other sites. There's this online game I'm playing sometimes and I really love the game but the other people who play it literally suck. There are so many mean jerks and bullies on that site. I'm glad it's not like that here.

    • Yeah I am anonymous, haha. But I'm not a mean person. Some people online can be really awful to each other. I just wish people were more nice to each and not so rude. Just because it's online, that doesn't mean people aren't real. People do have feelings. Just like with the whole cyber bullying thing. Hiding away behind your computer and saying nasty things is just horrible.

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    • Now I kinda wanna marry you haha :-)

    • Thanks haha

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  • Because humans are pretty shitty to each other in real life, they just aren't as brave about it. Well, when I say brave I mean they say it behind people's backs as opposed to their faces.

    There are less social implications when on line. Your social group and peers are not able to react to your actions or words. There is no rebuttal. You don't have any personal connection with someone online. You can't see the impact your words has. You don't care about the impact. There are no repercussions like there are in the real world.

    • Well said! In real life, some people will talk behind your back. Online, anyone can say anything, it's easy to when hiding behind your computer.

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    • Yeah, I don't have an online persona like many do. You gotta be happy being yourself, anything else is lying to yourself.

    • True.

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  • I wonder that all the time :(

    good on u for answering.

    and stay real hun


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  • I try to be nice to the mean ones but if they stl continue to be mean, I just ignore them.

    Not worth my temper. 😊😊

  • People start to be mean when they have some insecurities about themselves. Though I am not giving up because when you be a nice person people will want to be nice back. So all we have to do is give a little effort in being positive and we will help change the world into a more sane and accepting place. Help me change the world one person at a time.