How would you feel if someone you knew lied about their race?

I no longer know this person any longer, we knew each other during childhood and were best friends. He had always been a pathological liar though... but what he is doing now is extreme.

First of all... he's born in NY (His parents are Guyanese)

I find see him years later on a documentary about drug usage-molly
and he speaks in a British accent, dyed his hair blonde, and instead of listing his race as "Black" he lists it as "Other" and puts he is Chinese, White, Black , etc.
He even changed his name to a Chinese name. (I saw on Facebook)---He lists he is from England.

I even heard he has a baby mama (he doesn't take care of his child)---Poor child, is going to grow up not even know his/her real cultural background.

I know I shouldn't care but the fakeness makes me scream!
I couldn't help but think that now he is beyond a pathological liar but has a mental disorder of some sort.

And yeah we were very young children under the age of 8.
Even though he was such a pathological liar... I enjoyed his company.

Ahh the things we do as kids.


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  • wow that is cray. he took it far.

    I would feel like I don't know them anymore and the trust that was built up would be completely unstable.


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  • I had a friend like that. Every year she loses friends when they know the truth.

    She was born here in Quebec and first told me that she was half Japanese and decided to dye her hair Blonde and the blue eyes aspect was just because she was ''special''. She would point to random Asian kids and say ''That's my cousin/sister/brother''.

    I am a huge K-pop fan and she used that to her advantage. She said that she was training to become a k-pop star and would take random footage from other girls who were actually training and would point someone random in that group saying that it was herself.

    She would also write random addresses on Google maps and say that it was her house.

    When I finally met her parents, they looked like the typical Quebecois-Canadian. I asked her and she replied that the only person that looked ''Asian'' it was her grandmother on her mother's side. She also showed a picture of her when we went on a school trip and everyone agreed that her mother did not look Asian. It made her upset.

    I decided to cut ties with her because it was becoming ridiculous and I couldn't listen to her lies. She tried becoming friends with my sister who exposed all of her lies in front of everyone.

    I don't know how she is doing right now.

    • -Yikes- Why do people do these things?
      Also to add he even lied about being a musician. He would play random songs and say it was him and his band performing.
      When we were kids he would lie about different girls being his girlfriend. (At one time it was me) people came up to me thinking we were a couple.
      He even would lie about video games, experiences etc.

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    • Thanks for MHO :D Take care!

    • ur welcome :)

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  • Weird... that's like Rachel Dolozel claiming to be black to work at the NAACP.

  • Yeah, he's fucked. Stay clear of him.

  • I wouldn't feel that bad honestly it don't matter what race u really are

  • How can you lie about something which has no objective reality? You know what the FBI uses for a definition of 'race' ?

    Whatever the person says it is.

    What we have is appearance and social construct.


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