Hi all you people that have knowledge about computers etc... I have a question?

Hi im very knowledgable on computers and I am considering an upgrade and I am going for a PC SPECIALIST Vortex IV RS-970 17.3" Gaming Laptop - Black... You can find this on the PC-world Website https://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/pc-specialist-vortex-iv-rs-970-17-3-gaming-laptop-black-10109126-pdt.html
So right then now you know I am going for laptops and nothing more... Right I have seen that the video ram for me is something to drool for, 6GB Video Ram that can run any game on Max settings accomadated with 16GB Ram and an i7 with 2.4Ghz and 3.4Ghz turbo Boosts and 1TB HDD with a 240 GB Kingston V300 SSD... Now correct me if im wrong this laptop I am planning to purchase is the big deal for its type of price and specs right? Because I am so fixated on this I just want to know one thing and one thing only... The Graphics card that has 6GB VRam is correct right? Because I can't get a laptop with 2GB VRam or less... So say if GTA V needed say 3GB VRam to run I could do that with ease due to me having 6GB VRam... Pls say my therory is right... Hope I get some nice help :3


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  • Why would this be a good question on GAG?

    You're better off asking this on a computer forum or even yahoo answers in the computer category.

    • I couldnt be asked to go someplace else... Plus I was already on this page... Sooo

  • Don't buy laptop if you're going to play 24/7... unless you move here and there!!
    Laptops heat up rapidly and as most gaming PC's are water cooled, you might get a bit laggy down there son. Unless you got a dual or 4 fan under the hood... then again PC > Laptop.