IF "Fifty Shades of Grey" was a Thriller/Mystery/Horror would it get a more positive review?

I mean lets be honest , if you watch the movie a Couple of times , You tend to see how Creepy Chrisitan Grey is and How easy it is to fool anna.

Have to say tho I like to movie , BUT I don't find it "Romantic" at all.
But for some reason it is VERY interesting to me , Christian grey creepy -ness is fun for me. Specially for how "controlling" he is. I've always like characters like that..

So If the movie was a Thriller/Horror (thats a bit of a strech) / Mystery would it have better ratings?

If its romance I'd give it a 1 , But for A Thriller I'd give a 6 or 7

Buuuuuuuut so many people have it with a passion so Imma go Anon...

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*so many people hate it with a passion so imma go anon


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  • Seeing as how Mr. Grey uses the exact same tactics to get Anna as cults use to get their members (and I mean that literally... He follows every step in order as established by experts on how to accumulate a following for a cult), I think it would be a fascinating story if it was framed as a thriller or mystery instead of a romance.

    • YES YES YES I had that in mind when I typed this question

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  • Anything would help, because the movie fucking sucked!!!


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  • It would be cool if he was like a serial killer/ rapist and instead of being all perfect and rich and shit he was just an ordinary hot guy and she started to develope stolkholm syndrome and it was a lot more psychological and shit

    • yeah yeah like Damon Salvatore or something

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    • Didn't Ted Bundy or someone have a girlfriend like that in prison , She wasn't Diagnosed or went missing or anything but like She liked Ted and wrote letters to him

    • I don't know sound likely though

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