Things I can do for charity?

I want some things I can do on my own for charity, any help please? Raise money and things is what I'm looking for so any ideas would be greatly appreciated thank you


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  • ~Do a run/race
    ~Swimming relay with friends, or just on your own
    ~Don't speak for a day, 2 days, etc.
    ~Go on a trek (probably costs the most money)
    ~Spend the day in pyjamas or something
    ~Row/cycle/run around Earth (7296 miles)/your country/a special number/something else. Again a relay system with friends

    Hope this helps :)

    • Any ideas for things to do in school? And college etc. Like shaving my head and stuff?

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    • I wouldn't mind doing things with the school and stuff, was thinking leg wax too maybe that could be a good one would hurt tho haha

    • Oooh yeah, ouch :P

  • sell weed.. yu will makes lot of monies.

    • Really this is a genuine question so I can do some good and u gotta make stupid comments?

    • but,, but i help..