Musky or somewhat sweet? (Old Spice or AXE)?

I was talking to two of my co-workers who happen to be near 30 when I was picking out some body wash (it was AXE) and I asked for their opinion on which flavor smelled better... well they picked the flavor that had the slightly musky smell to it compared to the sweeter smell. So I asked a co-worker around my age (23) and she picked the sweeter... So my questions are Do girls tend to like muskier smells on a guy as they get older, and which smell do you prefer on a guy (if you are a girl) or have noticed girls prefer (if you are a guy)?

Also Yes I know every girl is different. I'm just trying to get a general view point.

Thank you for reading and asnwering my question. Have a great day.


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  • Old spice axe is disgusting ly strong

    • not the body spray.. the body wash/shampoo. unless of course you think those are too strong.

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    • hmm and why is that? do girls not like a err sweeter smell on guys?

    • It just depends I just think axe is too much but the chocolate axe is good on some guys

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