What’s the difference between 00s and 10s music?

From 50s till 90s there was a huge difference between each decade, but since 00s music sounds pretty similar doesn’t it?

I mean if u listen to a song dat was released this year then u cannot tell da difference between this one and a song released in 2005…. it sounds almost kinda similar…although u can tell da difference between a 2005 and a 1995 song.. or da difference between a 1995 song and a 1985 one.

Maybe I might be wrong though since 21st century music isn’t my xpertise tbh ;(


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  • One had dub step the other one didn't.

    Other than that I can't tell either lol

  • Just notice you got mod - Congrats - Music I think especially in Europe the DJ has come to the fore with the main movers this side of the atlantic being David Guetta, Calvin Harris and the likes of Avicii with stars queing up to collaborate with them.

  • There is an entire mountain of difference. For one, the music from the 00's is good. Now it's shit. And last I checked, shit is not good.

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