One day he is nice and the next day he is cold. one day he makes deep eye contact then the next day he avoids eye contact. What happened to him?

I don't understand him, he was talking to other girls nicely then when he saw me his mood changed like he is annoyed with me but nothing happened for him to be annoyed at me. He was very cold towards me. I smiled at him but he kept a straight face and looked at me attentively then when I looked in his eyes while smiling he made eye contact but didn't smile back.

The next day he was nice to me, was smiling but kept looking down and wouldn't look at me at all while talking or standing near me but he kept staring from a distance and he even touched my arm while walking past me.

Why was he cold one day and nice the next?
What changed on the first day that made him shy and nice the next day?


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  • It's really depends on my mood. And how I feel about you.

    Also, remember that ALL your friends and ALL the people you trust are talking a lot behind your back. When you hear certain things about someone it really does affect your mood even though it shouldn't.

    E. g. I've recently heard a girl that I'm generally friendly with is simply trying to manipulate me and collaborating with people that I hate behind my back. Now I don't really care and I can't confirm this but because the pieces sort of fit yes it ruins my mood and I don't feel like really talking to her even though it is wrong of me


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  • he might be bipolar.


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  • He's bi poler

    • Please read all the details

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