What do you know about Hemel Hempstead?

Any clue where it is? or anything about the place?


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  • Hemel Hempstead /ˈhɛməl ˈhɛmpstɨd/ is a large new town in Hertfordshire in the East of England, 24 miles (39 km) northwest of London and part of the Greater London Urban Area. The population according to the 2001 Census was 81,143, but now[when?] is estimated at around 90,000 by Hertfordshire County Council.

    Developed after the Second World War as a new town, it has existed as a settlement since the 8th century and was granted its town charter by King Henry VIII in 1539. It is part of the district (and borough since 1984) of Dacorum and the Hemel Hempstead constituency.


    • But what do you personally know about it?

    • it's kinda faraway from my spot... so never been there.

      r u plannin to move there?

    • Nah, it's a shithole mate