Scary experience (Stalker)... I just felt like sharing this with someone?

Okay so I'm going into my senior year and about last year I received an ig & FB friend request and a notification that someone added me on sc. It happened to be this one guy (Jake) I only talked to him in Freshmen year in math class. He did most of the talking because I was really shy back then and that never stopped him from trying to continue talking to me. Okay so he already graduated highschool (he's a year older than me) and he has a truck.
So my junior year, his senior year, he kept insisting that we hang out. After saying I had plans every time, I finally gave in. What I found weird was that he always wanted to hang out really late. we hung out and everything was good and he was really sweet and kept telling me that I'm so pretty and he hates that I dont realize it and so on. I was flattered and I talked about my crushes etc with him and so did he.
After that, he always wanted to know where I was and, when I would say I was out with family, he wanted to know where so he could come. I dismissed it. I hung out with him one more time. He parked in a dark neighborhood and wanted to talk. I wanted to leave and he could tell I was uncomfortable but he said a while more. He would move closer to me and I moved closer to the door which was locked. He tried hugging me many times as we sat there in his car. We ended up leaving three hours later because I kept insisting. he just kept telling me how beautiful and perfect I was. That was the last time I hung out with him, he kept telling me to hang out at 10,11,12 and even 1 in the morning.. but things became creepy

He would send me pics of where I live. I never told him and he pretended to pick up a friend. I asked him who and he said I knew the guy. He told me the guy's name and even called him by a nickname (a nickname I only call him by). I knew for a fact that friend didn't live there. I asked my friend if he knew Jake and he said no not at all and I showed him a pic of him and he had no clue. He had to read my ig comments to know that I call that friend by that nickname. He started sending me pics of
My house at night time and would caption it "im outside "I asked him again how he knew and he said "hmm". He spammed me with soo many snapchats and Im glad I didn't give him my number. I blocked him all social mediaand he tried messaging me on FB acting like nothing happened. other things happened but it's too long to write. He sent me a message before I blocked him saying how he saw me that I was around my place walking at night... I think I saw his truck slowly driving by my place


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  • I think he shouldn't insist all the time that he come hang out with your family. I also think that you should tell him that you don't want anything to do with him. Maybe block him on FB, IG, phone, and w/e else. All that said maybe that's some cyber stalking, but that's about it.

    • He never hung out with my family and I. I never told him where we were at. It's definitely cyber stalking and it's weird how he knows where I live. Thank goodness he doesn't know exactly what apartment. I hope not. Thanks for the feedback

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    • It's been a while now and I haven't seen him at all and there's no way he can get a hold of me so I'm just going to let it be but if he ever does show up at my place and gets near me then I will do something.. thanks again

    • Okay. Be safe :)

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