Am I the only one who thinks First Person Shooter games, along with ball sports games are the most overrated and repetitive video game genres?

in gaming history?

Games like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor just last very short for me. There are exceptions of Shooter games that I love like Halo, Goldeneye 007(N64), Half-Life, Borderlands, Bioshock, a very few of the old COD games (Big Red One, Black Ops 1 and World At War being only COD games that I've enjoyed) Doom, Left 4 Dead, Turok (the old ones that were on N64) and Perfect Dark (N64) but as for the rest, they're just god awful boring and the same damn shit every year.

Call of Duty is pretty much the Madden NFL and FIFA of First Person Shooter games since all they do is copy and paste the same fucking thing every year just for lazy game developers of those game franchise to r@pe their customers for more money and on top of that, having the expensive Season Packs (that cost an additional $20-40 to the game) being shoved down our throats

EA Sports and Activision are all nothing but fucking money whores.

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  • You just listed a slew of games that aren't like that and haven't even played all the good ones so yeah you're alone there. Sports games have to be the way they are because they are based off of real life.

    • If I wanted I real life sports game, I could have bought myself an actual soccer ball or football and play it for real.

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    • If you don't want to play the game don't buy it but there is many people that want to play as their favorite athletes and many that aren't able to play sports themselves but still love it.

    • I mean it's not to say that there aren't any ball sports games that I've enjoyed like Madden and FIFA (I liked Madden 05 and FIFA 2010) but it would be nice if EA Sports were to put much more effort into these games by adding more game modes, not trying so desperately hard to make the gameplay and graphics as realistic as possible, quit their Season Pass BS and add at least a tiny bit of arcade-style elements to the gameplay.

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  • You are all alone. JK.

  • I pity this generation of children, I grew up playing games with adventure and thought, now it's just mindless shooters.